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​​Zenna provides accessible mental health awareness and wellbeing training for all. 

We enable businesses to support their employees by providing mental health awareness training that promotes wellbeing through  using a range of education, tools and mindfulness techniques.

By recognising the signs of stress and anxiety and providing coping strategies to meet the current pressures experienced within the workplace, Zenna offers a preventative and on-going approach to combat adverse mental health.    


In response to COVID-19 Zenna's training will be delivered online until further notice.

​Choose from a range of training services to meet the unique requirements of your business.

This can be from a morning workshop, a full day workshop, mental health first aid courses to stress-busting mindfulness sessions.

All workshops are delivered in-house and include a workbook with up-to-date information and activities.

Zenna also provides wellbeing & mindfulness packages and workshops for individuals, please contact for more information.   


Across Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire & Devon.

Also available for London based businesses.

Online courses available.

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