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Investing in employee wellbeing is essential to creating a positive office culture where staff can thrive and in turn, drive growth within your business.
Mindfulness is an evidence-based tool used to effectively manage stress and anxiety. Equipping your workforce with stress management techniques leads to more engaged, responsive and happier employees.

Mindfulness Sessions

Are you interested in promoting staff well-being through mindfulness? These sessions act as a great introduction to mindfulness, or alternatively  can be enjoyed as a calming and rebalancing team activity with less of the time and cost commitment.


These 90-minute Mindfulness Sessions are easy and flexible to book and are a great wellbeing boost to your employees. To check for availability or for more information please click here.

During these uncertain times, we all need to remember to protect our wellbeing. To help contribute offer some relaxation and stress relief, or even just to practice, Zenna is offering a weekly free online mindfulness session.

This session is every Wednesday at 9:30 via Zoom, click here to join!

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