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Investing in employee wellbeing is essential to creating a positive office culture where staff can thrive and in turn, drive growth within your business.
Equipping your workforce with stress management techniques leads to more engaged, responsive and happier employees. Mindfulness is an evidence-based tool used to effectively manage stress and anxiety.

Choose from a half or full day In-House workshop

These have proved ideal for businesses dealing with change and structural transition, businesses seeking to improve staff motivation, wellbeing and morale...or those who would simply like to continue supporting and investing in people.

Workshops focus on these modules with individual and group activities :


  • Mental health overview

  • Signs of stress, anxiety and depression

  • Introduction to mindfulness

  • A mindful defence

  • Applying mindfulness to reduce stress and improve mental, physical & emotional wellbeing

  • Developing resilience

  • Meeting challenges

  • The importance of a good work/life balance

  • Nutrition, hydration and their role on your health

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